Virtual Wellness Retreat

Instructor: Julianne Rowley

Mondays and Wednesdays 8am-9am

Cost: $400 per semester

Fitness and Wellness go hand in hand. In this class, we will work to develop a Self-Care Practice, that is unique to your teen. In each session, students will have the opportunity to move their bodies, sample different forms of relaxation, engage in group discussions, and develop the ability to connect to themselves on a deeper level. This course is offered via Zoom.

Session Breakdown:
-Gratitude for participation
-Movement session (30 min): dynamic warmup, exercises to strengthen the body, cool down/stretching
-Grounding exercise (restorative breathing/meditative moment)
-Group discussion: Self-Care component (what is self-care?/hydration/gratitude/ways to boost mood and energy)