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Faqs About Homeschool Classes at SCLC

Do you provide textbooks?

You are responsible for your own Textbooks although a lot of the ones we have chosen are available online. Please order them before classes begin and bring them to every class. If you cannot afford a book then we do have some that we can loan. Contact Malika about those books because they will be lent out on a first come first serve basis. Make sure you double-check the edition of the book before purchasing it.

where do I register for homeschool courses?

Please go here to register for classes.

What courses do you offer this year and when?

For information about the schedule or pricing go to the homeschool course page

When are breaks and vacations? Are you open on this holiday?

We follow a combination of the academic calendars for Ocean Grove Charter school and Santa Cruz City Schools. Please go to our calendar page for information about specific dates. 

how do we pay for homeschool classes?

Course fees are due on the 1st of every month. You may pay via credit card, check, paypal or venmo. If your school offers funding assistance, you can have them make us a purchase order by talking to your education specialist. See information about POs below.

Venmo ID: SCLC-831 please include the name of the student and the class in the memo

Paypal ID: please include the name of the student and the class in the memo

Mail Checks to 15 Mountain View Court Santa Cruz, CA 95062 please include the name of the student and the class in the memo. Checks can be made out to Santa Cruz Learning Center or SCLC.

how does the purchase order stuff work with my charter school?

If you are registered through Ocean Grove, Yosemite Charter, or Heartland Charter then please request a Purchase Order (PO) from your Education Specialist (ES). Your school will send the purchase order information to us directly. YOU must request a purchase order from your school representatives. We are not allowed to request purchase orders from your school. The request must come from you. Pricing for each course is listed on the homeschool course page.

Where do I find assignments and grades?

Make sure that you are signed up with Thinkwave. Parents, students, and education specialists/consultants can all have their own Thinkwave account. Once you register your student for a class we will add them to Thinkwave. They will get an email that they have been registered and need to finish the sign-up process. This is where teachers post coursework, and grades and send important messages to students. We will also send progress reports through Thinkwave so that there are no surprises at the end of the year.   

Why is think wave only showing my old classes?

Thinkwave defaults to the Fall semester and does not automatically change to the Spring semester, you need to manually change it at the drop-down menu near your name. If you took classes at SCLC during the previous school year, you will need to change the school year which is in a dropdown menu near the top of the screen where it says "Santa Cruz Learning Center" 

Help! I need help completing my assignment! Where do I get help?

If you are having a hard time with a course, please contact the instructor. Instructors can give help during office hours. If you would like to get one-on-one support, you can ask to work with a tutor. See tutoring services