OUR services

We are a small business that provides academic support to clients of all ages. Our business is designed to serve k-12, college and adult life long learners and reentry students. We offer a range of services including private and group tutoring, homeschool classes, standardized test prep, exam proctoring and summer activities.
Our center is an informal, engaging environment where we take a down-home approach to teaching.  We are proud of our ability to make connections with students that last long after they have completed school.  

Tutoring Services

Tutoring servicesare offered individually or in small groups. Tutoring clients can pay per session (usually 1 hour) or receive a bill for all sessions at the end of the month. Our tutors are skilled professionals with degrees in the subjects they tutor.
One-on-one tutoring: sliding scale of $50-$70/hour
Groups of two: $30/hour per student 
Groups of three: $25/hour per student 
Groups of four or more: $20/hour per student or by agreement.     

Homeschool Courses

We offer a variety of homeschooling courses for elementary, middle and high school students. We like to think of ourselves as the bridge between a traditional classroom and home school. Students will experience learning in a variety of ways including: lecture, facilitated group work, laboratory inquiry and other hands-on methods. High school students enrolled with Ocean Grove Charter School will receive a-g credit for our math and science courses. Our instructors are trained in the subjects they are teaching. Check out our course offerings and enroll now. We are vendors for Ocean Grove Charter School and we are in the process of becoming vendors for Inspire.
Class prices are listed on specific course pages. However, if the class does not fill to at least 4 students then the class will either be dropped or the price/time will change. 

Course Prices: 
Middle School Classes are $500 per semester.*
High School Classes are $500 per semester unless they are a lab science and then they are $600 per semester.* 
​           *If a class does not fill then the class price with change in order to cover our expenses. (This is assuming a $500 class)
            2 person classes are 1 hour long and $750 per semester.
​            3 person classes are 1.5 hours long and $550 per semester. 

Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring Services are $40 per exam. For those who have multiple exams per semester, please contact us to set up a flat rate fee for the semester. We are set up to proctor a number of online schools but if additional paperwork is needed, please let us know. On average, we need at least a week lead time to coordinate with your online school in order to administer the exam.

Study Academy and After School Support

This service is no longer available as of Fall 2019. For students who need after school support, please see our group tutoring rates.

Standardized Test Preparation  

SCLC offers standardized exam preparation including test-taking techniques and exam content. SAT/ACT courses are taught in small groups (2-6), or in small classes, which run in short time increments (ie: four-week session meeting twice per week for two hours at a time or eight-week session meeting once per week for two hours at a time). Private tutoring is offered as well. Contact us if you are planning to take a standardized exams. Individual assistance (with a tutor trained in the particular subject) is offered for students who would like to prepare for an SAT subject exam. Tutoring prices apply.

501 Cedar St. Suite C, Santa Cruz CA 95060  |   831-331-5611  |  malika@santacruzlearningcenter.com