Physical Address: 2560 Soquel Avenue Suites 201, 204, 205, Santa Cruz, CA 96062 |   831-331-5611​​

  • Everyone is encouraged to try out the first couple of classes before they commit to the semester. If you would like to try out a class, we still ask that you register so that we know you are coming.
  • All classes will run for the full year unless otherwise indicated
  • You don't need to reregister for the spring semester if you already were signed up for the fall. 
  • All middle and high school courses are taught simultaneously in person and virtually (through Zoom) unless otherwise indicated.
  • In-person classes will be taught in accordance with local health mandates to keep students, teachers, and families safe. With that being said, we DO NOT require that attendees wear masks at this time.
  • We can pro-rate the prices for those who join mid-semester.
  • Only you can request a purchase order from your school. Please refer to the prices listed and request that a PO be made for Santa Cruz Learning Center for the current semester.​
  • ​Elementary classes will be in-person only.​​

Schedules at-a-glance 


Middle School

High School​​