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Writer's Workshop

Instructor: Jennifer Schacher $550/Semeseter

1st-3rd Graders 

4th-6th Graders 

Learn to write! As homeschooling parents, we strive to teach our children to foster a love of writing early-on. Our course is designed to empower and inspire students to be competent, capable, and confident writers. In the Writer's Workshop, your children will engage in the writing process including brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing/revising, and publishing their work. Children will engage in writing both independently and in-class with their peers.

Each class will incorporate three categories of pedagogy:

1) A Mini Lesson: On a skill that we would like our writers to implement into their writing such as sentence structure, genre, transition words, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, etc. depending on their writing and grade level.

2) Independent Writing: This includes individual writing, peer editing and review along with individual or small group conferencing with the teacher.

3) Sharing: During the sharing time, students have the opportunity to showcase their finished work or their work in-progress and for peers to offer constructive feedback and share ideas.