World Geography and Cultural Anthropology

Price: $500 per semester

instructor: Malika Bell, MS

This semester we will ‘visit’ many countries to explore their physical features, cultures, history, and economic systems. The main purpose of this course is for students to broaden their understanding of the world and the multitude of cultures within it.  

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate social studies research skills
  • Demonstrate basic skills associated with geography
  • Develop an understanding of the terms relating to geography
  • Gain knowledge about different ways of life around the world

Methods of Instruction:
A combination of lectures, class discussions, reading and writing assignments, videos, worksheets, and projects.

Materials for Class:

  • Three-ring binder (can have one that you share with other classes)
  • A spiral notebook
  • There will be NO TEXTBOOK.  We will pass out readings and handouts as we go.