SAT And ACT summer bootcamp

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$500 per session*

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We will hold two sessions of the SAT and ACT Summer Bootcamp in 2019. 

Courses will be held for two full intensive weeks. 

We are offering two sessions of the same bootcamp this summer. 

Bootcamp Session: July 29th - August 9th 9:30pm - 2:00pm

Each day of bootcamp will include 2 hours of English and 2 hours of Math as well as a half hour for lunch in the middle.

We emphasise content as well as confidence.  The SAT and the ACT tests are a TRIP!  Some may say it is simply about one's scholastic aptitude, but to us, it is more than that.  Since the English and math (and science) sections of the exams differ so greatly, they are taught buy two different instructors. 

You will take various versions of different parts of test as well as one full-length practice exam during the bootcamp session.  We will correct the exams in class and review individual strengths and weaknesses with each student. 

We will teach specific strategies to work with multiple choice exams and the 30-second meditation to deal with test anxiety. Because our bootcamp class sizes are relatively small (6-10 students), we have the time to highlight the strengths of each individual student, thus increasing confidence in their best subjects.

Our course curriculum consists of lecture, group work and a small amount of homework.Some students need specific help in one area over the other. We highlight these needs early-on in the course.  We will go through strategies for completing the essay on-time and with the most points. You will learn how to "grade" an essay so that you can actively find ways to increase your score. Since some students are moving along to Precalculus, Statistics and Calculus next year, we realize that it has been a long time since you may have seen geometry, arithmetic and algebra. We go over these content skills while helping you learn the best approach for your test-taking style. We will show you when and when not to use a calculator and other strategies to save time and achieve the best possible score.  

Many clients ask us which test they should take, ACT or SAT? We suggest you take a full-length practice test for each. During the bootcamp, we will do practice sessions for both exams. If you have already decided which test you will take, just let us know. 

Signing Up for the Exam

Once enrolled in the course it is very important that you register for the exam. The only place to register for the SAT is at the college board website the deadlines to register are pretty strict and, depending on the date of the exam, test sites can fill up. For ACT, go to the ACT Registration site. If you have learning differences and plan to request additional time for the exam, contact your school counselor to help you do this. Note that this request can take multiple months so be sure to plan ahead.  

*This course is included (FREE TO  YOU) if you have already purchased a course through SCLC for SAT and ACT under our FREE REPEAT POLICY. That means, if you took a SAT/ACT course already at SCLC, you can take this bootcamp at no extra charge! 

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