Project-Based SPANISH 2 
available both in-person and live via Zoom
PRICE: $600 per semester, $1200 annually 
This is an a-g course and fulfills the "e" requirement. 

     This second-year Spanish course builds upon the content covered in Spanish 1. In this course, students will gain increased familiarity with Spanish-speaking countries' history, culture, and language. The three modes of communication (Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational) defined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century are foundational to this course.  Students will review the basic concepts of first-year Spanish and then build on that foundation to develop increased skills and fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  Students will develop a vocabulary of 750 words and be able to talk about things that happened in the past, present, and future.  Students can write paragraphs in all studied tenses, read simple stories and articles, and converse on known topics with familiar vocabulary.  This course aims to meet the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. 

     During this course, students will learn the role technology plays in people’s lives, what people do to feel well, how people interact with cities, what brings people together, how local products reflect the cultural heritage of a region, what makes a place a home, how people stay informed, what makes a tourist attraction, how people create a better future for themselves, and how people benefit from living in a global society.  They can participate in conversations, present information, and understand essential written and audio texts. They will learn Spanish in terms of the cultures where Spanish is spoken, so they will learn the practices, products, and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world as they learn the Spanish language.

     This project-based course uses a textbook, workbook, and online resources to learn and practice.  The emphasis will be on students developing an understanding of World Language Content Standards for Public Schools. These will guide the students in this course of study.

     The students will focus on communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and innovation, and social and cross-cultural skills. Assignments for this course will include vocabulary, grammar, culture, and informational reading. 

Expresete 2

Here is a digital copy of the textbook and the corresponding workbook.

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