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Project-based Spanish 1 - High school

Instructor: Monica Alvarez     Email: sclcmonica@gmail.com

This course is available both in-person and live, via Zoom

PRICE: $500 per semester, $1000 annually 

This is an a-g course and fulfills the "e" requirement. 

     During this two-semester course, students will learn how to meet and greet other people, go shopping, describe people, say where they are going, and what they’ll do when they get there. They will be able to discuss a range of topics such as their favorite pastimes, their family and friends, celebrations, and vacation plans. They will be able to participate in conversations, present information, and understand essential written and audio texts. They will learn Spanish in terms of the cultures where Spanish is spoken so they will learn the practices, products, and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world as they learn the Spanish language.

     This course is project-based using a textbook, workbooks, and online resources to learn and practice.  The emphasis will be on students developing an understanding of World Language Content Standards for Public Schools These will guide the students in this course of study. The students will focus on: communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, and social and cross-cultural skills. Assignments for this course will include vocabulary, grammar, culture, and informational reading.  

Unit 1: Mucho gusto! 

Unit 2: Al colegio! 

Unit 3: En la ciudad! 

Unit 4: La familia y los amigos

Unit 5: La rutina y la diversión

Unit 6: Mi casa es su casa

Unit 7: Las diversiones de todo el ano

Unit 8: La rutina diaria

Unit 9: Vamos de compras!

Unit 10: El fin de curso


 Que Chevere 1 - Student Edition Textbook ( 2016)
 ISBN 978-1-53382-874-3  


Que Chevere 1 - Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook (2016) 

ISBN 978-0-82196-925-0