Welcome to our Reading and Writing Workshop, designed to engage 3rd through 5th grade students in the joys of reading and writing. This integrated workshop fosters a love for language and literacy, enhancing both reading comprehension and writing skills through interactive and creative activities.

Workshop Highlights

Engage with Read-Alouds: Listen to captivating stories or short novels and participate in discussions about the main ideas, characters, plot, and themes.
Deepen Comprehension: Use art, graphic organizers, and question-and-answer sessions to understand and explore story elements.
Expand Vocabulary: Learn and discuss new words and phrases to enhance language skills, guided by mentor texts and engaging art projects.
Develop Writing Skills: Participate in the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, writing, editing/revising, and publishing their work.
Collaborate and Share: Engage in both independent activities with peers and collaborative group projects.

Class Structure

Each class incorporates three key pedagogical categories:

Direct Instruction:

Read a short story aloud
Discuss story elements and comprehension
Focus on sentence structure and genre writing
Teach transition words, punctuation, and capitalization
Cover parts of speech and vocabulary development

Independent Activities:

Use a provided word bank with key vocabulary from the story to write simple sentences or a short story
Draw a scene from the story and write a few sentences describing it
Complete sentence starters related to the story (e.g., "My favorite part was...", "I think the character felt... because...")
Choose a character from the story and list traits or feelings the character exhibits, using simple words or drawings

Sharing and Discussion in Small Groups with Instructor Facilitation:

Showcase finished work or work-in-progress
Create a collaborative story by taking turns adding sentences, then discuss how contributions shaped the story and what they might change
Use cards containing questions or prompts related to the story; take turns picking a card and discussing the prompt with the class
Participate in the "hot seat" activity where one student answers questions from classmates while pretending to be a character from the story, encouraging critical thinking and empathy

Course Benefits

Build a strong foundation in reading comprehension and writing skills.
Foster a love for reading and writing through interactive and creative activities.
Develop critical thinking and language skills.
Gain confidence in both individual and collaborative learning environments.

Join our Reading and Writing Workshop to ignite your child's passion for literacy and empower them to become confident readers and writers.4o

Reading and Writing Workshop for 3rd-5th Grade

Instructor: Luz Howse

Price: $500