PreCalculus and Trigonometry

This course is designed to cover topics in algebra ranging from polynomial, rational, and exponential functions to conic sections. Trigonometry concepts such as the Law of Sines and Cosines will be introduced. Students will then begin analytic geometry and calculus concepts such as limits, derivatives, and integrals. Graphing calculator technology will be emphasized to enhance and support mathematics in all units of study. Students learn to use a variety of techniques to solve problems: graphical, numerical, algebraic/analytic, and verbal. Students will develop an appreciation of all these methods of representation, understand how they are connected to a given problem, and learn how to choose the most appropriate method(s) to solve a problem. 

We will use the OG-approved syllabus for a-g Honors Precalc. and Trig.

Books and Materials


Materials:  Please come to every class meeting with the following items
1) two quad-ruled (graph paper) spiral notebooks.  You can get them at Staples or Office Max right now for a reasonable price. 
2) a graphing calculator.
3) your textbook (see above)

Prerequisite:Integrated Math 3 OR Algebra II and Geometry with a "C" or better.

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