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High School Physics

Mondays 11am-2pm

$600 per semester, $1200 annually

Instructor: Rebekah Sousae, MS

This is fulfills the "d" requirement for A-G students at Ocean Grove. 

Throughout the course of the year, the students gain an appreciation of Laws of Nature (Physics) by engaging in experiments and relating experimental data to physical scientific concepts. In this one year course, students will cover measurement, vectors, Laws of Motion, work and energy, momentum and collisions, circular motion, gravitation, heat, thermodynamics, waves, sound, light, refraction, electrical energy and current, circuits and magnetism, and atomic physics. The general objective of this course is to provide a clear conceptual development and practice with both fundamental physics concepts and problem-solving skills. Students will develop abilities necessary to meet the following learning outcomes: understand scientific inquiry, build an understanding of linear motion and two-dimensional motion including circular motion, develop an understanding of forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion, describe and apply concepts of impulse and momentum, develop an understanding of energy as the ability to cause change, describe wave motion and the wave nature of sound and light, express an understanding of static electricity and direct current electrical circuits.


Must have completed Algebra 1 or Integrated Math I with a C or better.


We will use a free online text book which can be found here 

You can also order a physical book from the above link as well.