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Language Arts - Middle School

Core Language Arts: Malika Bell, MS

Advanced Language Arts: Ajita Harrison 

Price: $500 per semester, $1000 annually 

Sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students are invited to join us for a Language Arts course aligned with the California Content Standards. Some highlights include: enhancing essay writing skills, public speaking and developing critical thinking skills. Students will create online writing portfolios to organize and showcase their work. Students will be required to read a minimum of 5 novels outside of class. 

There are two courses for middle school language arts: Core and intermediate/advanced.  The core course is appropriate for 6th and 7th graders and the intermediate/advanced course is appropriate for 7th and 8th graders. 

8th and 7th graders who would like to be challenged in their reading comprehension and their writing should take the Advanced course. The course will focus on evidence-based arguments, literature analysis, and writing fundamentals.

We will be reading different books throughout the semester. The instructor will pass out a Fall and Spring Reading Guide.