Price: $500

This will be an A-G course and fulfills the "c" requirement (for Ocean Grove students only.)

This course is designed to emphasize the study of the properties and applications of common geometric figures in two and three dimensions.  We will study transformations and right triangle trigonometry, calculations and proofs with circles and polygons and internal and external angles of polygons.  Inductive and deductive thinking skills are used in problem solving situations, and applications to the real world are stressed.  It also emphasizes writing proofs to solve (prove) properties of geometric figures.  Towards the end of the year, we will teach the geometry class a section on statistics including probability, sequence and series, stem and leaf graphs, standard deviation, and box and whisker plots.  Each semester will include a project-based assessment of knowledge which students will share with the class as an oral presentation.  Students who complete Geometry should take Algebra II next. 


Successful completion of Algebra I

Books and Materials:

TBD (will be an online book)

***I suggest you buy it in the summer so that you can have it on the first day of class. Also, prices for used books tend to increase in the fall.

Please come to every class meeting with the following items:
1) Two quad-ruled (graph paper) spiral notebooks.  You can get them at Staples or Office Max right now for a reasonable price.  Here is a link to what I am talking about.
2) A scientific OR graphing calculator.  I suggest this scientific calculator and this graphing one.  The graphing calculators are pretty expensive and are NOT NECESSARY until Algebra II.
3) Your textbook (see above)


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