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ENGLISH 12: Project Based
INSTRUCTOR: Ajita Harrison

Price: $500 per semester

This is a year-long course 

This project-based English course is a year-long course broken up into seven units based on periods in British Literature. The students design the projects for themselves with guidelines and parameters given by the teacher who acts as a faculty advisor or facilitator. In essence, the students are in charge of the curriculum, which is tailored by their interests and insights and fueled by their inquiries. Inquiry implies involvement that leads to understanding. Furthermore, involvement in learning implies possessing skills and attitudes that permit students to seek resolutions to questions and issues while they construct new knowledge.  This course will be an opportunity for students to research different ideas, investigate their own thinking, explore new viewpoints, and ultimately enjoy literature that inspires and challenges them. The course is largely skills-based, providing a fair amount of diversity to explore learning modalities. Students will develop their own course of study by choosing subjects and texts that interest them, and, as indicated in the Academic Literacy Statement of Competencies from the Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates of the California Community Colleges, the California State University and the University of California (ICAS), will “assume a measure of responsibility for their own learning, … discern crucial values of the academic community, … seek assistance when they need it, and ... advocate for their own learning in diverse situations.”  Students will develop the following skills through critically thinking about nonfiction, fiction, and informational texts: reading, writing, viewing and representing, listening, and speaking. In each unit for this course, students will delve into a specific genre, reading an extensive amount and wide range of literature types as well as disciplines, and honing their ability to understand the structure and the meaning of the works they read.  

This is an A-G course and fulfills the "b" requirement (for Ocean Grove students only.)  We will follow the English 10 Project-Based Syllabus from OG.  Students from all schools are invited to register.  


Since this is a project-based course, there isn't one specific textbook. We will assign readings each week.