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English 10: Project Based may be taken a-g or non-a-g

Instructor: Melanie Clark, MS

Price: $500 per semester. This is a year-long course 

Students may attend in-person at our physical address listed below OR live via Zoom

We will follow the English 10 Project-Based Syllabus that meets the requirement for a-g at Ocean Grove Charter School. Students from all schools are invited to register.  

Course Description:
Students will study a wide variety of classic and contemporary literature, including poems, short stories, plays, autobiographies, essays, and news articles. Our textbook, divided into six genres, covers Short Story, Nonfiction, Poetry, Drama, Legends, and Humor. We will spend approximately six weeks exploring each genre (and its sub-divided themes) by reading literature, completing projects focused on grammar and technology, completing a writing project, and individual, partner, and group activities. There will be four novels read outside of class each novel will be analyzed with a different style of essay. The course will have a midterm and final exam. Each student will give a minimum of two oral presentations.

During this course, students will focus on literature from various genres. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of various genres of literature, how to respond to literature based on their own experiences, and how to interpret literature. The writing process will be emphasized by the use of essay form, research, and documentation format.

Fall Plays:

West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet


Since this is a project-based course, there isn't one specific textbook. We will assign readings and novels to read outside of class. We will post a list of novels to purchase or check out from the learning center or your local library.