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Classes for K-5th Graders

Combo class 

Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays 9:30am-2:30pm

Instructors: Lizabeth Lutz, Melanie Clark, Andria Brison

*currently we have a small kinder/1st beginning reading-level sub group along with kids who are in levels 2nd-5th on Tuesdays, we have kids who are 2 grade and older on Mondays and 3rd grade and older on Thursdays. 

Contact Malika (831-331-5611) for more information if you are interested in finding out which day(s) would be a good fit for  your child(ren).


Prices per semester (these amounts can be paid with monthly installments)

$800 for one class per week, $1500 for two classes per week​​, $2200 for three classes per week

This class is an exciting combination of hands-on science curriculum incorporated with language arts and social studies. We strive to create a classroom experience for homeschooling families who are looking for some structure and social interaction.  Our curriculum includes academics through group activities so that our students can have the opportunity to make new friends and their families can create new connections. 

- There will be a hands-on science experience most every class meeting. Students will participate in the annual Science Festival at the Learning Center in March 2020.

- Field Trips. We walk to the park around the corner from our center each day for lunch and play time.  Additional field trips that go along with our curriculum will be planned in advance and parents will be notified.

- Around the world theme!  We will visit a new country each week and explore the geography and culture of each of the countries we visit.  

- Students will journal everyday.

Optional Elementary Art Class 

MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, AND/OR Thursdays 2:45PM-3:45pm

Instructor: Dianne Guindon (Mondays and Tuesdays), Melanie Clark (Thursdays)

Price: $250 per semester.

This class is an optional add on for elementary students.

Students that are not taking the Elementary Combo Class are also invited to join the Elementary Art class. 

The benefits of the Arts in education crossover into multiple areas as well as developing creative thinking. This class will include projects that explore some of the masters of art both historically and present day. We will look at styles and plan our own pieces referencing them. We will also create some projects that focus on the process of art as opposed to the end product. We will explore a variety of mediums, the relationships between space, line and color, basic drawing and painting techniques and tools. Projects will explore drawing from real life, abstract colors, and some basic craft projects. The curriculum will be student driven and evolve with the class' interests.