Come Join Us for a Trip Around the World!

Prices per semester: (these amounts can be paid in monthly installments).

Kids can take this course once or twice per week. $800 for one class/wk, $1500 for two classes/wk.

GRADE LEVELS: This class will meet SIMULTANEOUSLY in two groups (based on age), led by two different teachers within the same large classroom suite. Then, the two Groups will join together during specific times of the day.

This class is an exciting combination of a hands-on science curriculum incorporated with language arts, math, and social studies. Our goal is to create a classroom experience for homeschooling families who are looking for some structure as well as play and social interaction. Our curriculum includes academics through group activities so that our students can have the opportunity to make new friends and their families can create new connections.

- Field Trips

Most days, we will visit a local park or go on a short hike nearby. This year, we will incorporate a nature-based curriculum into our science unit and kids will participate in short nature walks and hikes once per month. 

  •  Additional field trips that go along with our curriculum will be planned in advance and parents will be notified.

- Around the world theme! 

We will "visit" a new country each week and explore the geography and culture of each of the countries we go to.  

- Science

We have been so excited about all the science we want to teach you this year! There will be a different science activity each week. Semester one will be for Life Science including anatomy, ecology, zoology, and marine biology. Spring semester, we will blend life and physical sciences with environmental science and continue on to study chemistry, physics, meteorology, and astronomy.

Yes! We agree the age range between kinder through fifth grade is very broad! While the whole class will meet at the same time and in the same and in the same large classroom suite. we will be splitting the class into two groups based on age during the academic portions of the course.