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‚ÄčInstructor: Jay Dane

Price: $600 Wednesdays 4:00pm-6:00pm

‚ÄčThis is a ONE-semester course that is taught in the spring. Government is conducted in the fall on the same day/time slot.
This A-G course will fulfill the "a" requirement (for Ocean Grove students only.)

Course Description:

This one-semester economics course is recommended for students considering Government in the Fall. Throughout the term, students will cultivate a comprehensive understanding of essential terms and concepts in economics. The curriculum spans key economic principles, including supply and demand dynamics, cost, benefits, incentives, and the overarching role of the market economy. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and comprehending the theories of influential economists such as Smith, Keynes, Friedman, and Marx and how these theories shape perceptions of government and regulatory bodies.
Students will delve into factors influencing market prices nationally and internationally, exploring the impact of scarcity, unions, price controls, minimum wage, and other variables on pricing. Examining wage differences across jobs with varying specialization levels will deepen students' insights. The course further acquaints students with concepts like Gross Domestic Product and other indices crucial for tracking national growth or decline. Analysis of unemployment metrics and job growth determinants will be a focal point. The curriculum extends to the development and evolving restrictions on international trade, encompassing the foreign exchange rate and other elements shaping the global monetary system. Finally, students will explore factors influencing savings, investments, and the intricacies of the stock market.

Holt McDougal
Economics, Concepts, and Choices

ISBN: 0618594035
ISBN13: 9780618594030

Here is a digital copy of the book.