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Price: $500 

This is a ONE semester course
This will be an A-G course and fulfills the "a" requirement (for Ocean Grove students only.)

Course Description:

This is a one semester course. We suggest students take Government in the Fall. Students will develop an understanding of key terms and concepts in the field of economics, as well as a working knowledge of supply and demand, cost, benefit, incentives, and the general role of the market economy.  They will identify key economic theorists and their theories, such as the views of Smith, Keynes, Friedman, and Marx, and understand how each view has influenced how economists see the role of government or other regulatory bodies.  Students will understand factors that affect market prices, both nationally and internationally, as well as how scarcity, unions, price controls,minimum wage, and other factors may influence pricing.  They will identify wage difference among jobs requiring varying degrees of specialization.  Students will become familiar with concepts and measurement of Gross Domestic Product and other indices used to track growth or decline on a national scale.  They will analyze how measures of unemployment and job growth are determined.  Students will study the development and changing restrictions on international trade, the foreign exchange rate, and other factors that affect the global monetary system. Finally, they will identify factors that influence savings, investments, and the stock market.

Economics, Principles and Practices by Clencoe

ISBN: 978-0-07-895360-6

It can be found here on Amazon.