Middle School Earth Science  

PRICE: $600 per semester including all materials. 

The class will meet with both in-person and live, via Zoom simultaneously.

Throughout this year-long course, students will embark on an enriching exploration of various scientific disciplines, delving into the wonders of the universe. The curriculum encompasses Astronomy, offering insights into the mysteries of outer space. Geology unfolds the secrets of Earth's composition, covering rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the dynamics of plate tectonics. Meteorology explores the intricate facets of the atmosphere, climate, and the impactful realm of climate change. The study of Ecology and Environmental Science engages students in understanding the delicate balance of ecosystems and the environmental factors shaping our world. Oceanography, a captivating field, unveils the complexities of the oceans and water systems.

This course is designed to foster a deep understanding of scientific principles through a combination of hands-on experimentation, engaging activities, and direct instruction. Students will not only learn the 'what' of science but also delve into the 'how' and 'why,' unraveling the intricacies behind natural phenomena. The curriculum emphasizes the relevance of Earth Science in our everyday lives, ensuring that students gain a holistic perspective that extends beyond the classroom.

Book: We have several copies available to lend to students who would prefer that over the digital book (available below)
Holt Earth Science

ISBN 10: 0554005395  

ISBN 13: 9780554005393

You can access chapters of the book digitally below:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Earth Science

Chapter 2: Earth as a System

Chapter 3: Models of the Earth

Chapter 4: Earth Chemistry

Chapter 5: Minerals of Earth's Crust

Chapter 6: Rocks

Chapter 10: Plate Tectonics

Chapter 12: Earthquakes

Chapter 13: Volcanoes

Chapter 14: Weathering and Erosion

Chapter 15: River Systems

Chapter 16: Groundwater

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