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criminology and Practical Law

Instructor: malika bell, MS

Price: $500 per semester​

This is a one year course
This is an A-G course and fulfills the "a" requirement 

Course syllabus
We are absolutely thrilled to offer this new course on criminology and law. This course is designed to familiarize students with the concepts, history, theories, and practices of practical law and criminology in America. Students will gain a general understanding of how the criminal justice system works in the United States and examine the sociological, psychological, and biological theories regarding what causes criminal behavior. Next, they will delve deeper into specific types of crime including crimes against persons, against property, drug crimes, organized crime, and white-collar crime, as well as contemporary topics such as cyber-crime, identity theft, intellectual property rights, terrorism, and immigration law. Students will receive a brief overview of a criminal case and understand the roles of the prosecutor, the defense, and the jury. They will briefly explore the components of a case including evidence, eyewitness statements, and motive. Students will receive an introduction to consumer law, torts, family law, constitutional law, and the juvenile court system and will understand the difference between civil and criminal court. Matters such as capital punishment and organizations such as the Innocence Project will be introduced. Students will gain the ability to analyze and evaluate the effects of the legal system on our society, develop their unique voice as knowledgeable citizens, and be able to make informed decisions.