Spanish Conversation Class

for Kids grades Kinder-5th

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Introduce your child to the vibrant Spanish language and culture world through our engaging Spanish Conversation Class for Kindergarten through Fifth Graders. This class fosters a love for language learning and builds essential conversational skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Develop Basic Conversational Skills

  • Learn greetings, common phrases, and everyday vocabulary.
  • Practice speaking and listening through interactive activities and games.

Cultural Exploration

  • Discover the rich cultures of Spanish-speaking countries through songs, stories, and crafts.
  • Celebrate cultural traditions and holidays to enhance language learning.

Interactive Learning

  • Engage in group activities, role-playing, and skits to build confidence in speaking Spanish.
  • Use visual aids, flashcards, and props to reinforce vocabulary and grammar concepts.


Group Conversations

  • Participate in guided group discussions to practice conversational skills.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer interactions to build language fluency.

Storytime and Songs

  • Enjoy listening to and reading stories in Spanish to enhance comprehension.
  • Sing along to traditional and contemporary Spanish songs to reinforce vocabulary.

Cultural Projects

  • Create art and crafts inspired by Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Learn about and celebrate cultural festivals and holidays through themed activities.

Games and Role-Playing

  • Play language games to make learning fun and engaging.
  • Role-play real-life scenarios 

Course Benefits

  • Build a strong foundation in the Spanish language through immersive and interactive learning.
  • Foster an appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Develop confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish.
  • Enhance cognitive skills and global awareness through language learning.

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Join our Spanish Conversation Class to give your child a head start in language learning and open the door to a world of new cultural experiences.

Instructor: Luz Howse Price $450