College and Career Choices

$500 for the semester. 

This is a one-semester course

Thursdays 4-6pm

Instructor: Ajita Harrison

College and Career Seminar is a one-semester course.  It is designed to help students learn and practice valuable skills to help them to be career and college ready. Students will demonstrate their understanding of career paths through a variety of assessments, projects, job simulations, speeches, research assignments, online portfolio, and a research paper. Students will identify academic interest, skills, values and personality types, research employers and industries, gain experience with public speaking and interview skills, familiarize themselves with college and job search tools, strengthen writing skills, learn goal setting, solidify research techniques, and write a research paper utilizing correct MLA format.  We will invite guest speakers from the community to discuss their career pathways and we will research various careers of interest and keep a career journal that will be added to weekly.  

Textbook:  Please order from Academic Innovations directly.  
You will need the "Workbook & Portfolio with My10yearPlan.comĀ® Interactive Seat License for $15.95" 978-1-878787-37-8/978-1-878787-44-6

For Ocean Grove Students, this is an a-g course for "life skills" and it is a "college prep elective section "g" course.