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High School Chemistry

Wednesdays 10am-1pm

Price $600 for the semester, $1200 Annually 

Instructor: Malika Bell M.S. ‚Äč

Textbook: We will use a free online book through CK-12. The book is available here

Course Description: This class incorporates both laboratory and lecture curriculum.  Chemistry is a college-prep, laboratory-based science course designed for high school students.  This course will introduce the traditional concepts of chemistry. Chemistry is the study of atoms, how they arrange themselves into compounds, and the changes they undergo. The course will include a review of measurement and the metric system, study of atomic structure, investigation of the periodic table and its meaning, the study of various types of chemical bonding, and investigation into different chemical compounds and why they behave as they do. A conceptual and mathematical understanding of chemistry will be stressed. We will take one field trip per semester.  In the spring, students prepare projects to share at our annual science festival each March.  This is a-g approved for Ocean Grove students. 

Students have the option of taking this course as an honors course. An Honors Course will better prepare students for Chemistry in College. Contact Malika Bell with questions about the Honors option. 

Algebra I or equivalent experience.  Students will need to understand how to use algebra to solve general word problems and equations.