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a-g Project Biology and a-g Honors Biology

PRICE: $600 per SEMESTER This is a year-long class 

Biology is the study of life. Students will be introduced to the process of science through lectures, discussions, activities, and laboratory exercises. Emphasis is placed on proper laboratory procedures, qualitative and quantitative observations, and accurately maintaining a biology notebook. These crucial skills prepare students for further studies in science. The course is aimed to emphasize the role biology plays in the lives of students in today's society. Topics covered in the first semester include biochemistry, cell structure and function, and energy (photosynthesis and cellular respiration), and genetics. We will take a field trip at least once each semester. During the second semester, we will focus on anatomy and physiology, evolution, and ecology. Biology Students will participate in the SC Learning Center Annual Science Festival in March of each year.

Our Syllabus is aligned with the approved a-g requirements (Ocean Grove has approved Santa Cruz Learning Center for a-g credit for this course).


CK-12 Biology
Free digital book available online

You can also print a hard copy of the textbook by chapter here 
Table of Contents​​
1.0 What is Biology?
2.0 The Chemistry of Life
3.0 Cellular Structure and Function
4.0 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
5.0 The Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis
6.0 Gregor Mendel and Genetics
7.0 Molecular Genetics: From DNA to Proteins
8.0 Human Genetics and Biotechnology
9.0 Life: From the First Organism Onward
10.0 The Theory of Evolution
11.0 The Principles of Ecology
12.0 Communities and Populations
13.0 Microorganisms: Prokaryotes and Viruses
14.0 Eukaryotes: Protists and Fungi
15.0 Plant Evolution and Classification
16.0 Plant Biology
17.0 Introduction to Animals
18.0 From Sponges to Invertebrate Chordates
19.0 From Fish to Birds
20.0 Mammals and Animal Behavior
21.0 Introduction to the Human Body: Bones, Muscles, and Skin
22.0 The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
23.0 The Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, and Excretory Systems
24.0 The Immune System and Disease
25.0 Reproduction and Human Development