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a-g American Sign Language 1

This course is $500 per semeseter. This is a full-year course.

The syllabus for this course follows the a-g requirements for Ocean Grove Charter school and students from all schools are invited to join us. 

This is a one-year American Sign Language Course that introduces students to the culture and history of American Sign Language while actively developing students' ability to comprehend and express themselves in American Sign Language.  Students will be evaluated for grammar use and structure, comprehension, communication strategies, and cultural awareness.

Students will submit (each semester):

  • Five (5) video assignments, the last of which will be considered a final exam/project.   
  • Weekly textbook assignments (supplementary workbook assignments, as needed), both written (English) and video-recorded specific to each unit. 
  • Receptive and expressive language activities during their weekly interactive class time 
  • A written cultural project each semester.

Learning American Sign Language Levels I&II - Beginning and Intermediate (2004)
Tom Humphries and Carol Padden
ISBN: 9780205275533
Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc.