Fall Semester Topics
Solving Linear Equations
Solving Linear Inequalities
Graphing Linear Functions
Writing Linear Functions
Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Exponential Functions and Sequences

Welcome to our Algebra 1 course, designed to provide a solid foundation for your mathematical journey. Whether you're aiming for A-G high school credits or prefer a non-A-G path, we've got you covered! Grant us the privilege of being your guides this year as we lay the groundwork for your math journey! Join us in this engaging course to build a strong foundation in Algebra 1 and prepare for future academic success.

Course Options:
A-G Approved: Meets high school Algebra 1 requirements for college admissions.
Non-A-G Option: Choose this option upon registration for a customized learning path.

Class Structure:
In-Person or Zoom: Attend classes either in person or live via Zoom, ensuring flexibility and inclusivity.
Safe Learning Space: We focus on creating a supportive environment where making mistakes is part of the learning process, and collaboration is encouraged.

Syllabus and Enrollment:
Approved Syllabus: Follow an approved syllabus through Ocean Grove Charter School, with enrollment open to students from any school or homeschool.
Middle School Inclusion: Middle school students who have completed pre-algebra, Math Course 3, or equivalent levels are welcome.

Course Focus:
Algebraic Concepts: Explore algebraic principles, equations, functions, inequalities, and statistical analysis.
Critical Skills: Develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills aligned with Algebra 1 standards.

Class Requirements:
Homework: Assigned at each class meeting, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, with submissions due at the next class unless specified otherwise.
Exams and Quizzes: Chapter exams and quizzes to be completed at home; A-G students will have a proctored final exam at the end of the spring semester.
Class Structure: The first third of each session is dedicated to reviewing previous material and addressing questions; the remaining time focuses on new information and note-taking skills.

Online Access: Free online textbook available

(go to "Common Core for High School" then choose Algebra 1).
Optional Hard Copy:
Title: Big Ideas Math: A Common Core Curriculum
Author: Ron Larson
Year: 2018
ISBN-10: 1642087173
ISBN-13: 978-1642087178

Materials Needed:
Completed homework from the previous class
Two graph paper notebooks (one for homework, one for notes)
Pencil with plenty of eraser

​Algebra 1 (A-G Approved)

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Spring Semester Topics

Polynomial Equations and Factoring

Graphing Quadratic Functions

Solving Quadratic Equations

Radical Functions and Equations

Data Analysis and Displays