Santa Cruz Learning Center

We are delighted to offer the following activities at SCLC this summer.  These activities were designed with kids ages 11-14 in mind, although you know what's best for your family so if your child is slightly out of this age range and you see something on this list that will be a good fit, feel free and sign them up!

Sports, Health and Wellness

With Jay Dane 

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Time: 11am - 2pm 

July 9-18

Ages 11-15

Price: $200

This summer session will be an active and engaged experience those who are on the run.  Very little time will be spent in a classroom setting.  Most of the day we will be focused on the sport or other physical activity of the day.  We want to teach teens to live a healthy lifestyle which includes positive nutrition, regular exercise, and mental and emotional wellbeing.  We will play football, basketball and wiffle ball, and kickball.  In addition, you will make personal fitness and strength training goals work towards them through the two week session.  

Summer Engineering with 3-D printing and camp out!

With Luis Hernandez

Meeting dates: Mondays and Wednesdays 

10am - 12pm 

July 15 - July 31

Price: $250

We will work on several projects individual within a group setting.  Kids will develop ideas at the beginning of the course.  We will do an engineering project, a 3-D printing project as well as a chemistry project.  We will end our course with an overnight campout!  Location of campout is to be determined because we want to make sure that the campground that we choose will allow us to use a campfire.  Parents and family members are invited to join the camping trip. Material fee included in the price. 

Campout is optional and will take place on Friday, August 2nd. This is soon after the New Moon and therefore offers the best Star Gazing ability. The campout with be an extra $100. 

My tribe:  Middle School Empowerment and support group  

With Malika Bell

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time: 12pm - 2pm 

July 9-July 25

Price: $180


Join us this summer as part of our girls group.  This is a challenging time during the transition between childhood and adolescence.  When you find your tribe, you belong , even when the rest of the world seems exclusive.  This group is designed to support our girls to look within and start to understand their unique identity through an understanding and inclusive approach. We will start by developing a safe and positive group environment through activities, crafts and laying out ground rules.  Topics covered will include social media, plans for the future, time management, health, self care, working through anxiety, bullying, relationships, surviving, family and finding our place in this world.  We will take several local field trips and have guest speakers join us during some of our meetings.  Special care will be taken to empower the girls to communicate with their peers with clear boundaries, confidence and compassion.  Girls will be encouraged to accept responsibility and change situations with strength and growth mindsets.

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