Summer Camp 2023

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Age Group: 5-12 years old

(kids of similar ages are grouped together)
Price:  Sliding scale of $175-$275 per week

(pay what you can- you decide how much to pay)
Summer Camp Hours: *10 am- 4 pm*

Monday through Friday 

Our themed-based lessons and activities are in the morning with an outdoor adventure every afternoon. ​

  • Morning drop-off each day is 10 am at 2560 Soquel Ave. Suite 201. If you need to drop off your child earlier or pick them up later, please indicate this on our registration form.​

  • Pick-up will be at the learning center, or near our afternoon field trip in Santa Cruz. We will schedule a pick-up location for each day at the beginning of the week, depending on the afternoon field trip. 

Imagination Emporium:

Every Friday of camp will begin with our Imagination Emporium activity which is an artistic take on a makers lab. We will have all sorts of items available (mostly recycled) for building, fabricating, and creating. Each week, we will give the kids a different construction challenge from the materials. ​

​CampStar Gallactica

Week 1: June 5-June 9 WatilistedWEEKLY SCHEDULE

Week 2: June 12-June 16 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

This week will be everything space. Including a trip to Hartnell College to the planetarium, all types of galaxy art, solar system studies, spectroscopes, space slime, dough, and oobleck. We will experiment with different types of rockets and learn about energy, weather, the phases of the moon, and Newton's Laws.

Wizards, Fairies, and Dragons

Week 3: June 19-June 23 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

Week 4: June 26-June 30 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

This theme is so much fun that we need two weeks to do it all! All things magic are possible at camp this week. We’ve got an all-new magic wand method and dragon egg creation to show you and we will grow crystals and make green polly juice potion slime and dragon eyes. Exploding watermelons, bouncing eggs, and bottle geysers will demonstrate some of the science magic we will be exploring this week!

Forest Fauna and Flora

Week 5: July 10-July 14 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

We will spend this week visiting the different forests of the area and doing activities to go with the flora and fauna on our adventures. Activities include collecting and pressing flowers and making sculptures from our forest treasures. Kids will keep a journal of what they see each day and learn about the taxonomy of the plants they find. We will make a sun print art with cyanotype paint where the sun peeks out of the woods. Field trips include going to Loch Lomond Reservoir and exploring the water on row boats.

Paleontology Paradise

Week 6: July 17-July 21 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

If you’re interested in paleontology, this is the week for you! We will perform an exploding mammoth toothpaste reaction and transform our classroom into a Jurassic jungle. Kids will learn about fossil classification and the characteristics and traits of different dinosaurs, based on their diet. They’ll even get to investigate dino dung to classify dinosaurs as herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.

In Living Color

Week 7: July 24-July 28 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

Week 8: July 31-August 4 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

We will create and learn about the science behind color and light. Activities include acid-base rainbow with purple cabbage indicator, rainbow roses with diffusion, color mixing labs, jello playdough, peeps science, density rainbow, exploding paint bombs, and making spectroscopes.

2560 Soquel Avenue Suites 201, 204, 205, Santa Cruz, CA 96062 |   831-331-5611