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Pre-Algebra ​

Price: $500 per semester, This is a year-long Course

Prerequisite: Math Course 2 OR equivalent 
This course is appropriate for middle school or high school students. Our pre-algebra course centers on building the foundations of general math concepts, including algebra and some geometry. They will be introduced to the order of operations, variables, expressions, and basic problem-solving skills. The course also presents absolute value, the (xy) coordinate plane, and different algebraic properties. The students will then build on this basic knowledge by learning how to solve multi-step equations and inequalities and the complex algebraic functions that accompany them, such as exponents. They will build on their existing knowledge of fractions by examining ratios, positive and negative numbers, proportions, probability, and converting to/from decimals. Additionally, students will learn more about percents and problems requiring their application. The skills they learn in this course will lay the foundation for math in higher education and will prove useful for standardized testing, such as the CHSEE. This course provides a comprehensive look at the study of pre-algebraic concepts. This course will prepare students for taking Algebra 1. â€‹


We have 8 copies at the learning center available to lend out. You may also be able to get online access from your school. Here is where we found online access being advertised.

Glencoe Prealgebra
ISBN-13: 978-0078957734
ISBN-10: 0078957737