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Jason Dane is a veteran teacher with 22 years of vast and diverse educational experiences. Jason started teaching in Trenton, New Jersey in September of 2001. He has taught students of all ages, from 1st grade to high school. Jason started working at the learning center in 2017. After taking a year off, he’s excited to be back at one of the best educational institutions in California. He believes in creating a positive, fun, and relaxed learning environment where students can be themselves while still being accountable and productive. Part of Jason’s teaching style is incorporating real life lessons into the curriculum, preparing students for the journey of life ahead. He has a lovable dog, Cylus, that goes with him everywhere. Jason enjoys being outdoors, going on hikes, and gardening. He also is a foodie and enjoys downtempo and chill-hop music. 

Jason Dane’s Teaching Mantras

  • Create an environment that supports individuality and allows students to be their unique selves while still holding them accountable.
  • Be an excellent communicator.
  • Care about the school, the teachers, and the students – and show it.
  • Nurture students’ development in terms of education and positive life ethics.
  • Commit to building a cohesive educational culture, one that motivates students and encourages others to want to join.
  • Have fun while putting in maximum effort.
  • Help students reach heights they may not have found otherwise.
  • Be creative, consistent, and compassionate.