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Learning Pods  

Price: $100 per Week (varies based on size of group)

Learning Pods are small groups of students - ideally 5-8 - that will meet regularly during the school week. Learning Pods will adjust based on the keeps of the students in Pods but will focus on in-person learning. Families will be placed in Pods based on the like mindedness concerning the Corona Virus and safety precautions that they take in regards to the Corona Virus. Pods are built to support students that are enrolled in traditional school but need more structure then parents can provide at home. 

Please reach out to Malika (malika@santacruzlearningcenter.com or 831-331-5611) for more details and questions about how Pods function. 

We currently have 3 Pods open for enrollment:

Students grade 3rd - 4th 

Students grade 1st - 3rd

Students grade 5th - 6th

Ideally these Pods would meet from 9am to 1pm. 

The meeting location will be determined by the parents in concert with Malika. 

The teacher will be provided by the Learning Center and determined once the group is formed. 

Parents will all have to come to agreement on the safety measures that their families will take in order to decrease the likelihood of transmission of the Corona Virus. 

There is information that learning outside is safer

This is an article from CNN entitled "Outdoor classes are safer. How can teachers make it happen?