Kinder/First Grade Virtual Class

Mondays and Wednesdays 1-2:15pm 

Instructor: Dianne Guindon 

Price: $500 per semester

From the safety of your home, log into a virtual kindergarten/First mixed classroom. 

Dianne will guide your children through an hour and fifteen minutes of reading and math. 

The typical class will start with a math activity. During the beginning of the year, the focus will be on counting and one to one correspondence. The class will use ten frames that will be emailed weekly to the parents to print out and use for class. Breaks during the class period will include guided movement activities. Phonics cards will also be distributed to families for use in class as well as a description of hands-on manipulative that will be utilized for both math and phonics. The class will end with the instructor reading a story and guiding the children in reading comprehension questions. This class meets twice per week for one hour and fifteen minutes per class.