Santa Cruz  Learning Center

Guard Drop Off and Pick Up

501 Cedar Street Suite C, Santa Cruz CA 95060  |   831-331-5611  |

If your child is participating in Beach Camp or Junior Guards at Main Beach, they are welcome to join us for a half day at SCLC Summer Camp!

A Santa Cruz Learning Center Staff member will be at Main Beach each day to pick up our campers at an agreed location and walk them to Santa Cruz Learning Center.

If your child has a Main Beach activity in the morning our staff member can pick them up at 12:00 noon. If your child has a Main Beach Activity in the afternoon, they will walk over as a group at around 11:30 am.

Note: we only pick up at 12:00 noon and not at 4:00 pm


1/2 day Prices are on a sliding scale of $100-$200/ weekly 

PLUS $50/weekly for drop off/pick up at Main Beach activity