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Integrated Math 3

Price: $500 per semester. This is a year-long course 

Prerequisite: Integrated Math 2 or equivilent 

Our course corresponds with the a-g approved syllabus here

This Integrated Math 3 course provides a review and extension of the concepts taught in Integrated Math 2. Students will expand their understanding of area and volume with geometric modeling, which students will apply throughout the course as they learn new types of functions. Students will study polynomial, radical, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric functions. They will also learn how visual displays and statistics relate to different types of data and probability distributions. Each Integrated Math course contains standards from all of the six conceptual categories (Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability) with the goal of these courses being that math is presented as a connected subject. Integrated Math 3 contains 0% of the total Algebra 1 standards, 12% of the total Geometry standards, and 46% of the total Algebra 2 standards. 

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Big Ideas Mathematics: Integrated III
Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell


ISBN 10: 1680330896  

ISBN 13: 9781680330892