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INSTRUCTOR: Melanie Clark

PRICE: $500 for the one-semester course*

*This is a one-semester course offered in the Fall

Satisfies "Life Skill" (for Ocean Grove) and a G category College Prep Elective.

This health class is designed to assist students with becoming health-literate individuals who can obtain accurate information, develop lifelong positive health-related attitudes and behaviors, and make wise decisions related to their personal physical, emotional, and social health.  The focus of this course is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to be their own health advocates and to take charge of their own health. Topics discussed include personal and community health, mental, emotional and social health, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and growth, development, and sexual health.  Students will explore research-based guidelines in a variety of areas of health and use analytical thinking to help them make personal changes to their health habits and monitor those changes.


This is an online textbook and it can be found here.