forensics and Crime

Instructor: Malika Bell, M.S.

PRICE: $500 for each semester, so $1000 for the year-long course

Course Description: 

This is a year-long middle school course on physiology and forensics.  During the first semester, students will explore the structure and function of the major systems of the human body including the skeletal, muscular, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine & reproductive systems. Laboratory investigations include the dissection of the bovine (cow) eye, sheep brain, and heart.  During the second semester, students will employ their knowledge and explore general forensics topics including forensic anthropology, autopsy, ballistics, blood spatter, blood type, DNA, fingerprints, time of death, odontology, and more.  We will spend the last few classes investigating case studies on well-known crimes.


There is no book for this course.  

Please come to class with the following materials each meeting day:

- 2-inch three ring binder with a set of 5 dividers designated just for this class.

- a spiral-bound or composition lab notebook (lines or graph paper is fine)

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