mondays 9:15am - 11:00am

Instructor: malika bell 

Price: $500 per semester

This is a ONE semester course
This will be an A-G course and fulfills the "a" requirement 

Course Description:
Students will identify the nature of the field of criminology, including key terms and concepts. The nature and definition of crime, criminal, intent, and explore the basic debate of nature versus nurture in determining causation. Students will then develop a deeper understanding of the competing and overlapping theories that comprise a nuanced approach to causation. These include neoclassical, psychiatric, psychological, social structure, social process and development, and social conflict theories about criminal behavior. Students will then complete a deeper study of the types of crime that have been defined by criminology, including crime against persons, property, white collar and organized crime, and recreational offenses, including public order and drug crimes. Students will conclude the course with a study of new types of crime, including cybercrime and global/domestic terrorism. They will likewise purview crime prevention efforts for the various classes of crime covered, as well as obstacles and assets in each case.

Book: Criminology, Frank Shmalleger, Pearson, Second Edition, 2014.  

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-296675-7

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