Algebra 1

This course is available live, both via Zoom and in person.

This Algebra 1 course provides a comprehensive look at the study of algebraic concepts. Students are challenged to develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to meet the Common Core Standards in Algebra including developing an understanding of the symbolic language of mathematics, learning about equations, functions, inequalities, and statistical analysis.

This course meets the requirements for a-g high school algebra 1. It is also appropriate for middle school students who have completed pre-algebra, math course 3, or equivalent.

We will use the Ck-12 Algebra 1 Textbook which is available online here, free of charge.

The table of contents of the textbook is available below:

  1. Equations and Functions
  2. Real Numbers
  3. Equations of Lines
  4. Graphs of Equations and Functions
  5. Writing Linear Equations
  6. Linear Inequalities
  7. Solving Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  8. Exponential Functions
  9. Polynomials
  10. Quadratic Equations and Quadratic Functions
  11. Algebra and Geometry Connections
  12. Rational Equations and Functions
  13. Probability and Statistics