Santa Cruz  Learning Center

3D Printing * 

Middle School: Fridays 12:15pm to 2:15pm 

High School: Wednesdays 2:15pm to 4:00pm

Instructor: Rylan Hunt

‚Äč*CAD 1A course 7E0201 for Ocean Grove

Price:  $500/semester

This is a one semester course

Course Description:
This course offers students introduction to 3D printing and the digital design process. Students will gain hands on experience with the fundamentals of designing 3D objects and printing them with our professional 3D printer. As the class progresses, the instructor will customize the course to individual interests to ensure maximum engagement and retention of information. 

The course concludes with a tour of NASA Ames visitor center in Mountain View, CA, 
Topics to cover:
-Intro to OnShape CAD Software
-Making basic shapes and fun shapes
-Modifying Shapes and Faces
-Making 3D text and extruding it
-Design a 3D Name Tag for your Desk
-Saving designs in the correct format
-Live demos of 3D printing name tags
-Units. Metric to Imperial
-How to scale, rotate, copy & mirror
-How to fuse two designs together
-Explore and play
-Designing your first tool
-Different types of 3D printers

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